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Escape into My Thoughts

(if I've had any worth sharing recently)

My Personal (Tiny) Fan Fiction Archive

I fill my time with chemistry and computers. More specifically, I am enrolled as a full time grad student, teach entry-level college chemistry part time, and do a little research on the side... and pretend to have a social life.

Brief history of DZ: I was been born and raised in Missouri (US). I was homeschooled for K-5, but my social ineptitude is not a result of this. I traveled around the states a lot when I was younger, and worked part time at a pizza buffet for 4 years (not anymore). After playing softball and coming out as a lesbian (rather dramatically) in high school, I studied chemistry and computer science in college (graduated May 2009), and now attend graduate school for a PhD in physical chemistry. Currently, I'm transitioning from female to male. If you think my ramblings here are bearable and would like to read my ramblings more specifically on the FTM topic, check out dzsquared.wordpress.com.