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Creativity of the Unusual Sort
I finally got around to designing some shirts and stuff that had been rattling around in my head and opened my own CafePress store!  I have a ton of funny chemistry shirts from the Alpha Chi Sigma chapter at my undergrad.  

"You must be an axial ligand... because I have the urge to interact with you."

In Case You Need a ROFLcopter.
I am a shameless Xena:WP subber. I can't help it. I saw gay in the show before I knew how gay I was. I take relationship advice from Xena and Gabby's interactions. All in all, the show kicks ass and brings me back to my adolescence.

I'm easily amused.Collapse )
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Relocation, Minneapolis/St. Paul
 I'm moved.
I have an apartment, my cats are settled in, my stuff is mostly unpacked, I have done 4 loads of laundry, my new student ID is in my wallet, and I've discovered the depths of the science library.
Life is pretty damn good.  Next Monday I start grad student orientation with 4 tests in the first 2 days and I've been studying for them enough to hold my own.  I'm even cooking for myself a bit.

So why am I a little blue when I'm usually very chipper and soft and fluffy?  Because I just left a handful of good friends when we all graduated from Truman and most of them stayed in Missouri.  It took me 2 years make these friends and 3 years for us to get real close.
When Erica Hahn says to Callie "I don't make friends easily" in the scrub room, that's me.  Most of my friends admit to thinking I was strange and/or a stalker when they first met me.  
I'll admit that those things are true in a sense, I am pretty strange and I have a very random memory that is very good with personal information. Underneath the unique and awkward exterior I'm just a person that has a lot of fun in life but doesn't stop to bother with making other people happy.
Alas, I'm going to be playing softball on Saturdays in October and will have colleagues/competitors at work starting next week.  I just hope I make friends a little easier than I have in the past.
Every Erica Hahn needs friends.  At least I can't be sent off into the parking lot of no return.

Sometimes I'm Actually Funny
I was having a conversation with a friend, discussing random fandom issues and my duties with Erica_Callie, and her being as much of a Meryl fangirl as I am and a huge, gigantic, enormous Laura Roslin fangirl... she brought up a ficathon prompt she had seen:

 Ficathon prompt: Mary McDonnell/Allison Janney/Meryl Streep

To which I replied, without missing a beat:

They walk into a room and everyone has a simultaneous orgasm and an Emmy.

Writer's Block: Get It to Go
What's your favorite thing to order for takeout (or takeaway)?
I frakking love Pizza.  Maybe it's just having worked in an all-you-can eat pizza buffet for 5 years, but I rarely can have pizza (good pizza) too many times in one week.
Of course, I'm picky about my pizza.  The whole not liking vegetables thing lends itself to many meat and cheese loaded options.  What am I eyeing for dinner tonight?  "The Meats" by PapaJohns.
Yes, I know... I don't usually really like pizza by companies other than Cici's (I say companies because the smaller places usually make decent stuff).  But you throw 5 meats onto a pizza and tell me that it doesn't make you drool. (unless you're a vegetarian, in which case I'm sorry)
Maybe I'll order some since I'm working late in the lab tonight.  (surprise)

Brought over from FB
You can ONLY answer 'yes' or 'no'. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks, and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming as nothing is exactly as it seems.

Kissed any one of your Facebook friends? --- yes
Been arrested? --- no
Kissed someone you didn't like? --- yes
Slept in until 5 PM? --- yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? --- yes
Held a snake? --- yes
Ran a red light? --- yes
Experienced love at first sight? --- yes
Totaled your car in an accident? --- no
Been fired from a job? --- no
Fired somebody? --- no
Sang karaoke? --- yes
Pointed a gun at someone? --- yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? --- yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? --- yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? --- yes
Kissed in the rain? --- yes
Had a close brush with death (your own)? --- yes
Seen someone die? --- no
Played spin-the-bottle? --- no
Sang in the shower? --- yes
Smoked a cigar? ---no
Sat on a rooftop? --- yes
Taken pictures of yourself nude? --- no
Smuggled something into another country? --- no
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? --- yes
Broken a bone? --- yes
Skipped school? --- no
Eaten a bug? --- yes
Sleepwalked? --- no
Walked a moonlit beach? --- no
Rode a motorcycle? --- no
Dumped someone? --- yes
Forgotten your anniversary? --- no
Lied to avoid a ticket? --- no
Ridden on a helicopter? --- no
Shaved your head? --- no
Blacked out from drinking? --- no
Played a prank on someone? --- yes
Hit a home run? --- yes
Felt like killing someone? --- no
Cross-dressed? --- yes
Been falling-down drunk? --- yes
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? --- yes
Eaten snake? --- no
Marched/Protested? --- no
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? --- no
Puked on amusement ride? --- no
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? --- yes
Been in a band? --- yes
Knitted? --- no
Been on TV? --- yes
Shot a gun? --- yes
Skinny-dipped? --- yes
Made someone have to get stitches? --- no
Eaten a whole habenero pepper? --- no
Ridden a surfboard? --- no
Drank straight from a liquor bottle? --- yes
Had surgery? --- no
Streaked? --- no
Taken by ambulance to hospital? -- no
Peed on a bush? --- yes
Donated blood? --- yes
Grabbed electric fence? --- yes
Eaten alligator meat? --- no
Eaten cheesecake? --- yes
Eaten a kids Halloween candy? --- yes
Killed an animal when not hunting? --- yes
Peed your pants in public? --- yes
Snuck into a movie without paying? --- no
Written graffiti? --- no
Think about the future? --- yes
Been in handcuffs? --- yes
Believe in love? --- yes

Writer's Block: Call Me
Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?
So I hope to answer a few more of these this summer, and since the status of this one just changed and I have an interesting viewpoint (or so I'd like to think), I'm going to start here.

I have a cell phone through my family's plan, and despite moving out onto my own relatively soon they want to let me stay on their plan.  Hey, who am I to argue against saving $70/month.  That said, I move around quite a bit (2-3 times a year for college) and will be settling down in Minneapolis for the next 5 years in August.  I decided to get another phone line, but since I am vehemently against the ridiculous cost of landlines, I bought a skype number.  I always have a desktop on at home running my tivo-thing (self made DZVO), and for ~$9/month its been great.  Unlimited calls to and from anyone in the United States and Canada.  When I'm out with my laptop I can use skype then as well on the same number.

In short: No, I don't use a landline at home. No, I don't rely completely on my cell phone.  (I tend to loose the charger for a week at a time)

Insomnia Effect
I've been having some mild insomnia, so last night I gave into the urge and got back out of bed. 
When I finally tuckered out at 3:30am I had 1500 words to start my fic for IDF. :)
I'm so excited, I forgot how much I love Callica. It is slightly AU, more like a major fork in the road.
I'm still a bit irritated with myself for not finishing my last fic.  This one won't be posted until it is 100% complete.  Hopefully it won't be quite as epic of Confidence of a Heart (Surgeon).
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I'm still alive!
A quick update on my rapidly evolving life:
I'm done with school for the year.  My bachelors degree is completed and my diploma is in the mail.  I'll be spending the summer researching at my undergraduate institution before moving ~August 1st to Minneapolis.
I'm taking roadtrips almost every weekend. Every-other weekend I drive back to St. Louis to go through my old bedroom and see my girl who is doing an internship in St. Louis this summer.
Hobbies for the summer include weight lifting, making comics of my IRL friends, remixing music, riding my bike, and excessive amounts of work.

I've got a website up and running now... PRETTYZ

I hope to be writing a short manifesto on my gender and related things and posting it here.  However, it will be friends-only so if you care, friend me. *glares at lurkers*


Drag Show!
It went well, all things considered.
Quick links to videos of my performances:
Sexy Back
Mambo No. 5

I originally wanted to do a country number, but my cowboy hat is wayyy too small.  Sadtimes.


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